Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 15th March

At the Meeting on Friday 15th March, "Card Tricks with a Borrowed Deck", our host for the night Al Hirschel led off, and asked new member Josey to help him, and he performed three items - Truth or Lie, Assembly of Jacks, and South Sea Island Story.  Al excels at setting card tricks to a well-told story.

President David Whitson also told a story, and at each facet of the story he pulled out one or more Jumbo cards from the pack until all the pack was used up at the end of the story. Clever ! He also did a mathematical card trick, and an item with Environmental cards from his show.

Noel Clair has quietly been working hard at Card Magic, and what he showed us was excellent !  He is well known in our club for coin manipulation, and now he has transferred that skill to cards - card appearing from elbow, card from knee...  He asked helper Barry Whitson to randomly sort a deck of cards into two, and he mentally made him achieve a complete separation of reds and blacks (he told us that this is Paul Curry's trick "Out of This World").  Then he vanished four aces and made them reappear.

John Ferguson had bought a book. "Revelations" by Lewis Jones from the UK on the basis of a rave review in the "Linking Ring" magazine, and he entertained us with "Live Long and Prosper" from that book.   He also performed Sean Taylor's "Handful of Aces", and "8-card Brainwave" by Michael Ammar (which uses a sleight known as the Flustration Count, or Olram Subtlety)

Well, alll in all, it was a great night of fine card magic.  We concluded by excitedly welcoming our new member, Josey.