Friday, August 18, 2017

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 18th August 2017

President David Whitson was the host of a very enjoyable and relaxed night of magic. He opened with the Zipper Gag Bag followed by a comedy presentation of Sponge Ball effects that included turning round sponge balls into sponge cubes, a sponge rabbit and the David Ginn sucker sponge effect called “The Big Red Hand”.
Joel Howlett performed the Cups and Balls routine taught to him by Jim Mc Keague. This is Jim’s take on a classic piece of sleight of hand magic accompanied by some quirky story telling!! The entire sequence was perfected by Jim in his days as a Svengali Deck Pitchman on Fairgrounds and at Festivals.
Next unopened decks of cards were distributed to members present. These were a gift to the club from George Cornford’s daughter Karen.
David Whitson took the floor once again to demonstrate some of the magical apparatus he was parting with in his efforts to down size. A unique “Radio Rabbit Production” built by the late Barry Whitson and a card effect by Tommy Wonder had members fascinated.
An informal session with club Patron Grahame Holstein finished off the night! Those present enjoyed Graham’s insight into The Elmsley Count and his Sponge Ball Routine.
A business meeting followed……………….