Friday, March 19, 2021

What Happened at the meeting on Friday 19th March 2021

 The meeting was hosted by Noel Clare, who treated us to “Rope Through finger” and an assortment of “Ring and Rope” magic and moves with props large and small. 

Andrew Pickard was up next with his “Houdini Card Trick” (Card Through Ribbon) and three to one ropes. 

Joel Howlett did a very visual version of the classic cut and restored ribbon and then added variety to his set by doing a ‘torn and restored paper’ and “card in chewing gum packet”. 

Al Hirschel was keen to show off his beautiful Viking Magic brass tubes that mysteriously caused two coloured pencils to change places. 

David Whitson generously performed a whole host of rope effects for us including Coloured Rope Link, Card Through Ribbon, Professors Wands (“Professor’s Nightmare with Rope”), Stiff Rope, Joining Ropes and his version of Pavel’s Yellow Rope (Knots through the tube / a David Whitson Classic!). 

At the request of Neil Lynch a discussion on “Magic with Australian Money” and Joel Howlett’s version of the “Card To Wallet” followed. 

Barbara Whitson also joined the fun by showing members her “Divination / Fortune Telling Pack of Cards”.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 19th February 2021

The theme for the evening was "Packet Card Tricks", hosted by JEFF CLARK.  Jeff dealt most of the suit of clubs, saying they were soldiers, and the cards left were the King and Queen, to be guarded by the soldiers.  Next, placing the deck in a glass, he caused each of the four aces to appear suddenly in turn.

Jeff had a card selected from the pack and returned to it.  It was the five of hearts.  He tossed the deck in the air and caught the 5H.  Then he folded up the T-shirt he was wearing, and it displayed the 5H.

The next magician was JOEL HOWLETT, who had a spectator choose a card, and then replace it in the deck.   The spectator then spread out the deck, and the spectator pushed one card out of the spread – and it was the chosen card !!  This left us all amazed.  Joel did the "knot on" - "knot off" rope, and followed this with the jumping knot, which jumps from a white rope to a red rope, and when undone, we find the white section that jumped is permanently part of the rope!

In Joel's hands, four coins appeared and disappeared in the air until none were left.

Coin appearances and disappearances were also the theme of NOEL CLAIR'S performance, using a coin matrix.  Next, using Australian platypus coins, Noel taught an item as a workshop.  He taught us how to cause the coins to tumble down into his hand and transfer to his other hand.

STEVE IRWIN displayed an arrangement of 24 five cent coins in the shape of a figure "9".  He asked a spectator to choose a number between 10 and 20, and count through the coins, then to count backwards to show a miracle happening !

Covering up a deck of cards in a tea towel, GRAHAM HOLSTEIN held up the bundle and declared what the face card would be, and he was correct.

ANDREW PICKARD asked for a one card among six to be chosen by a volunteer – it was the ten of clubs.   Repeatedly tapping the talon of cards on the table, Andrew revealed one card coming up – it was the ten of clubs !

He then lost the ten of clubs in the deck, spread the deck and the ten of clubs came out of it.

Our President, DAVID WHITSON presented the card item "Chase the Ace", with ginormous cards.  The magician has total control of the cards.  Next he presented the Diminishing Cards, causing them to shrink – and shrink - five times.

He asked a spectator to STOP ! him while he was spreading through the pack, in order to choose a card.  He revealed the card by displaying the well-known "52-on-one" card which has all the 52 cards on the back.

Using an ancient packet item bought from Weirdo's Magic (a Sydney Magic shop from the 1950's) David displayed 4 Kings.  They changed to 4 Aces.  They changed to 4 blank cards.   Al Hirschel commented that this was the most popular card trick. David added that it's a trick that a ten year old can do. 

One of our members commented afterwards that this was a thoroughly good night !