Sunday, January 22, 2017

What Happened at the meeting on Friday 20th January

Quite a large number of our members performed a variety of tricks , with ribbons, coins, cards (including a nice Invisible Deck presentation, and a smooth packet trick), colour changing silks, and a stage size colour block release for mentalism.   This was an excellent time with much camaraderie. 

We were delighted that a visitor, Brad Burgoyne, attended the meeting for the first time and joined the club. Thank you, Brad !

Your author was also delighted regarding the colour block release referred to above.  I came along with this unknown prop, wondering what on earth it was for, and David Whitson not only knew what it did, but kindly volunteered to do an impromptu demonstration of it in front of the club.   I know what to practise up now !   And that is one of the purposes of our club – to help each other in ways like this !