Monday, May 24, 2021

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday21st May 2021


Al Hirschel was the host of this evening, the theme being "Card Tricks with a Borrowed Deck".  He performed the "echidna coin matrix", covering the coins with cards. The story he told, of an echidna burrowing from one corner of the matrix to the other, fitted the item well.   When he launched into the "Diamonds on the Islands" trick, we knew we were in for a treat. Al tells the story with vigour, and makes the trick come alive.

Another coin matrix trick was done by Noel Clair.  He called it "The Flying Kangaroo".  He generously shared the working of it with us, and Jeff Clark videoed this.

John Ferguson did a card trick called "The Lazy Magician".  First,  he selected a prediction card, and then dealt off a small number of cards until the spectator told him to stop.  Then the spectator took the cards and dealt them into two piles.  He asked the spectator to turn over both top cards – one was the value card, and one was the suit card, and these matched the prediction card.  

Next John laid out a square of cards flat on the card mat and asked everyone how to add four cards so that the pattern of a swastika was formed. Neil Lynch was able to solve this puzzle, giving the clue "negative space".  (This trick was used in the TV show "Foyle's War".)

Steve Irwin showed us four cards face up.  Then as he closed and opened the talon of cards three times, each card turned faced down in turn, showing a red back.  When the fourth card turned over, Steve showed us the backs of the other three cards, and they were all blue !  Your reporter wonders if he was using the Elmsley Count – and if he was, he is extra good at it !

"John Bannon's Card Trick" was performed for us by David Whitson.  He did not explain it, but recommended that we search the internet under this title to find the explanation.

Jeff Clark asked for a card to be chosen, and the outcome was that he showed us his T-shirt with the name of the card correctly displayed on it.  He then did a 23 card prediction trick.

Al Hirschel wrapped up the whole night by doing an excellent Jack Assembly.

One of the magicians said to me at the end of the night, "That was an evening of really great magic !"