Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What happened at the Meeting on Friday 20th March

The evening of “Silk Magic” was kicked off by our host, Joel Howlett. He produced a streamer from his bare hands, made a sponge ball appear and vanish, changed a sponge ball into a silk, and passed white and red silks through his bare hands to produce a striped silk.  It was all very smoothly done and surprising.  There was a lot of hard work and diligent practice displayed here.

Steve Irwin did a silk Colour Change in the hand, and repeated it.  This was well received.  We know the equipment for this production is challenging – and Steve is well used to using it.

David Whitson set out to show fun, surprise, mystery, reminiscence & poignancy – what a lot of emotions to display with magic!  Part of this was sheer fun, and he became even more surprising when he tore paper into strips, placed these in a box and produced a coloured streamer from it.

Eric, visiting us for only the second time, volunteered to do an item for us – thank you, Eric!  He had a card selected, and then replaced in the deck.  When the spectator looked for his card in the deck, it had vanished, to reappear in the card box.  Generously, Eric then proceeded to workshop this item for us.

It seemed that John had started off with a failure, when he had a card selected and failed to find it.  He directed our attention to an empty crystal box, and suddenly produced from this a silk with a caterpillar picture on it.  Placing this in a black bag, we found the caterpillar silk had vanished, to be replaced by another silk, with a picture of the King of Hearts on it – the chosen card that he had earlier “failed” to find.  “Now what happens to caterpillars when they become butterflies?he said.  “They vanish and fly away.”  Showing a folding screen on both sides, he folded it up and produced a massive butterfly silk from the inside - the butterfly (silk) had flown there!