Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 17th April 2020

Because of the Corona virus lockdown, the meeting was conducted online using Zoom.  Since we are all in lockdown, we talked at some length about magic websites to look at:
1.Tim Ellis has a website for his "Laneway Theatre" –
and in this website Tim interviews many magicians from Australia and overseas (including our own Joel Howlett!).  Tim has purchased a warehouse in one of the laneways in the Melbourne CBD, and has fitted it out for magic performances.
2. Andrew Pickard drew our attention to a massive 21/2 hour lecture by Marc de Sousa.  It is available to all magicians through the Society of American Magicians, at
and you will need to give the surname of the magician known as "The Professor" to gain entry (which is free) and you don't need to be a member of SAM.

In our online magic session, Noel Clair performed some coin transfers from hand to hand.  Warden (Andrew Pickard) did card to pocket, and a smo-o-o-th top change.   Jeff Clark had attended the Joshua Jay lecture in Sydney, and showed us Joshua's "Phantom Deck".