Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 17th October

Noel Clair had developed an item in which he told a “Sam the Bell Hop” type of story. It was a great story, dealing cards from the deck to illustrate words in the story.  Then, using something as ordinary as a paper bag, he put coins into the bag, and vanished them, then from the same bag he produced nests of flowers.

Back in the May meeting, David Whitson had done a similar item to the card story told by Noel Clair.   Now he had developed this more, using Giant cards – which showed up very effectively – and now he had also developed a romantic theme, which worked well.   Another item that used prepared cards was a mentalism item - a frame spelling “Teamwork” (like the item “Perspex Prediction”, for those that have it).

Al Hirschel, with the “Packet Trick” theme in mind, had brought along a packet of cards with pictures of beautiful women.  However, when the volunteer tried to choose a card, they always get a surprise - a card with a picture of a very ugly woman!  Al described this as “a bit of harmless fun”.

“Deckstress” is a packet trick developed by Tim Ellis of Melbourne, and John Ferguson performed this.  He went on to do Gordon Bean’s “Entourage”, in which the spectator always chooses the correct queen of the four that might be there in the packet (but there turns out to be only that one queen, and the other 3 are jokers).  He did the classic trick “Chicago Opener”, and also “One More Chance”, invented by Morte Smith (“I’ll give you one more chance to add a few cards…. when you wake up at three in the morning,  you’ll wonder ‘what would have happened if I had agreed to add a few more cards?’”).

Two more magicians concluded the evening.   

Tom Blunden read us an interesting story.  Please remember, that if you have not had a chance to prepare a magic item, we would be delighted if you told us a joke, or read a story that impresses you – thank you, Tom. 

Elliott Copping asked a question.  He was working on a trick that uses the “Impulse Change”, and was finding it hard to work out how to do it.  Please can anyone help with this item?  Let Elliott know at the next meeting.