Sunday, March 17, 2019

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 15th March

The theme for March was “Card Magic” and Joel Howlett filled in as Host for John Ferguson who had to give his apologies.

Joel opened the night with a series of ‘classics’ of card magic. These included Card to Wallet, Ambitious Card and Paul Gordon’s packet trick “Killer OMG”. Next Joel generously taught members an easy card effect and supplied folks present with a packet of cards to take home.

Other Performers included: 

New member Jeffery Clarke from Cessnock made cards shrink by holding them under a really nice new Ed Harry Shirt. Then he passed a Jumbo Joker through his thumb and concluded with a “Do As I DO” type card trick that involved tearing cards.
Michael Blakeman demonstrated a couple of “Marked Decks”. He challenged members to find the markings and informed those present that Bicycle / US Playing Card Company are no longer manufacturing marked packs.    

 Steve Irwin decided to add a little variety to the night and performed a ring and shoelace effect. 

 Andrew Pickard demonstrated a series of trick decks including rough and smooth, The Mirage deck and the Mental Photography pack.

 President David Whitson then had the floor and performed a series of effects including: Comedy Chinese Prediction, The ‘Playing Card’ gag, Mystic Kings, Tree Of Diamonds and a version of the old Farmyard Frolics with new Australian Animal Artwork.

Dennis Norman was up next with a wind - up mouse that failed to locate a selected card. Dennis quickly recovered by showing us the Tamarez Rabbits and a nice performance of ‘wild card’.

Lastly Patron Grahame Holstein shared a great new tip on the “age cards”.

It was a most enjoyable night of magic with everyone present contributing something. Neil Lynch contributed a little bit of impromptu ventriloquism!!