Monday, May 27, 2019

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 17th May

The theme was "Card Tricks with a Borrowed Deck", hosted by AL HIRSCHEL.  Al did his favourite 7 card trick with much relish.  Then he did a Jack Assembly, and Coincidence Cards.  He did a Card Assembly with a Naval theme in which all the surrounding cards were progressively eliminated, leaving the chosen card as the last man standing.
 DAVID WHITSON did a "Sam the Bellhop" type of effect, in which every card in the deck is used to tell a story, and the values of the cards keep the story flowing with interest. David attributed the idea to Eugene Berger.
We were introduced by JEFF CLARKE to his toy frog, which was able to successfully find a chosen card for us in a spread of the deck across the table.   Carrying on the animal theme, Jeff showed us some cards with a colourful design on the back for a card to be chosen (e.g. "mouse"), and then when he assembled the remaining cards in the group, the coloured backs formed a picture of the chosen mouse.  (Other chosen animals would work too, with the same cards !)
STEVE IRWIN used an ordinary deck to do a classic "chosen card" trick, and then varied from the theme to produce three enormous wands from a small purse.  The wands were each about a metre long and very colourful – quite a surprise !
Eight Card Brainwave was the first card item from JOHN FERGUSON.  In a group of eight cards, only one is chosen by a spectator, and it has a different back from all the others.  With Deckstress, a card is chosen, and proves to be the only card in the pack that has a message written on the back ("e.g. I knew you would choose the King of Diamonds") whereas all the other cards are clean.
NOEL CLAIR started by showing us a nice double fan of cards.  Then he asked four spectators one at a time to randomly pick out any card from a pack, and all four cards turned out to be aces !   He knotted a rope, and all the knots were easily flicked off the rope and the rope was restored !   He concluded with the Professor's Nightmare.