Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday March 17th

The theme was “Coins”, hosted by Steve Irwin, and the night started with Steve doing “Coins Across”, with a smooth transfer of coins from one hand to the other.

David Whitson commenced by promising us that if we could stay to the end of his act, he would share one million dollars with us all.  He showed us that classic trick, the coin slide, then promised if we stayed, he would share $100,000 with us.  Next he used a coin fan to produce a coin, promising us $10,000.  He explained the Miser’s Dream, then promised us $1000.  When we eventually saw the colour of the money, it was the $ 1 million paper cover of a block of chocolate.  He then shared the chocolate with us  - thank you David !

New member Brad Burgoyne did a nice card trick in which he made the chosen card turn invisible, and then found it as the fourteenth card in the deck.

Our host, Steve Irwin, was also telling us about millions of dollars – especially one $5 million dollar note.  He told us a story of $5 million dollars stolen and recovered, and illustrated it by showing us 5 ordinary  bills together with one $5 million bill.  The $5 million dollar bill vanished and then reappeared.

We had new visitors, Anthony Roberts and his father, Jack. Greetings to you !  Anthony did a card and coins item, “The Prediction”.   Much appreciated, Anthony, especially for your first time with us.

Noel Clair continued the session on the “Miser’s Dream” of David Whitson, above, giving us hints on performance of this classic item.

After the official magic time was over, Michael Blakeman, Brad Burgoyne and Anthony Roberts were noticed sessioning on card magic items.  This sort of informal encouragement is one of the aims of our club !