Friday, July 20, 2018

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 20th July

The theme for the meeting on the 20th July was “Silk Magic”. It was hosted by Joel Howlett who shared some colourful magic including a cane to silk, A Rabbit In Hat Silk and the production of coloured streamers.
Next up our president David Whitson performed Duane Lafflin’s “Happy and Sad Clown Silks”, surprised us all by pulling some false teeth from his change bag and finished his performance off with a poem and trick about “Fuzzy Wuzzy” the bear.
Michael Blakeman was up next adding some variety to the night by performing a card trick called “The Phantom Deck”. It is an amazing creation of Joshua Jay where an entire deck of cards becomes clear.
The night also included some gags and funny drawings by Al Hirschel. 
After the business meeting an informal discussion about playing cards, gambling and Las Vegas followed.