Wednesday, April 25, 2018



The variety spectacular titled “Amazing” that will be showing at the Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre Warners Bay on the 5th May 2018.
‘AMAZING’ will be a spectacular mix of Magic, Circus, Comedy, Audience Participation and Las Vegas Style Stage Illusions! Best of all – the entire production is family friendly and can be enjoyed by children from 4 to 104!
Each performer who will be appearing is a world class artist in their own right! Usually a production of this standard and style is only witnessed on cruise ships or overseas.  I’m very proud to be doing this at a local venue at such a reasonable ticket price!!
To attend, you must pre- book. Simply visit and type the word “Amazing” into the search. OR you may simply click the link below:
Be sure to book your seats early as these shows will sell out!

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 20th April

The theme of the magic was “Colour Changes and Classics” and was led by David Whitson. 

The first magician to entertain us was Steve Irwin, who did a baffling routine of colour changes of silks in his hands – white to red, vanished the red – red to white – white to red.  It was fast, eye-popping magic.

Then Noel Clair picked several coins from Graham Holstein’s ear.  Noel thought that this trick, taking coins from a spectator’s ear, was the single most successful of all tricks he did.   He moved on to the colour changing knives and showed them changing from ebony handles to ivory and back as he told us an intriguing tale of an Indian Maharajah who owned them. 

From this, Noel went into a comical effect with an egg bag that kept changing the colour of the bag every time he handled it.   Noel then did the classic disappearing pen and pen-cap.   Finally, using elastic hair holders around his fingers, he told us a story of a green coloured band chasing his one true love – the pink coloured band - despite the opposition of the girl’s father – an orange coloured band - trying to stop them jumping from finger to finger.

The classic colour changing colouring book was displayed for us by Andrew Pickard.  He recalled as a child being given a book of blank pages for him to draw in, and as he grew older, he was able to draw nice outlines (by magic!) and then as he grew older still, he was able to fill the outlines with colour (by magic!).

John Ferguson did the card item “Eight Card Brainwave” in which a spectator chooses one of eight cards.  The remaining seven cards are shown to be red backed.  John waves over the chosen card, and when the spectator turns it over, the back has changed to blue.  John also presented an item in which a bottle of solution changed colour to red when he swirled it.  When next he shook the bottle, the colour changed instantly to green.  He explained the chemistry behind this.

A spectator was asked by Michael Blakeman to spread the deck face up, and then to photograph the whole mess of cards.  The spectator then moved one card to a different place while Michael looked away. Michael then looked at the photograph and was able to name the card that had moved.

Our host, David Whitson, and a spectator each took a piece of white paper and bunched it up.  They put the papers into a box, and with a magic word, David produced from the box masses of multi-coloured streamer.