Thursday, May 17, 2018

What Happened at the Meeting on Friday 11th May

AL HIRSCHEL was hosting the evening, with the theme “Card Tricks with a Borrowed Deck”.  He commenced with the Seven Card trick, which he is very keen on.  He also laid out cards in a matrix – aces, jacks, spades and others while he told us a story of a storm swept island. Good entertainment !

NOEL CLAIR then took the floor, starting off with “Dr Jacob Daley’s Last Trick”.  In another item, he managed to switch a group of indifferent cards for the four aces.  Next, he vanished all four aces and then they reassembled together.
He then moved in to a demonstration of some card manipulation – the one handed Charlier cut, the double fan, and a double card waterfall.  Smooth and well practised !

“Handful of Aces” was the name of a card item from JOHN FERGUSON.  All four of a kind were produced from a borrowed, shuffled deck.  The item came from the lecture notes of Sean Taylor, who has devised so many imaginative items.  John also did “Flip Card”, in which the chosen card, reinserted in the deck, which is circled with a rubber band, is caused to flip out on the top of the hand holding the deck.

DAVID WHITSON gave a demonstration of card forcing.  This is a very useful technique for card magicians, and David is well proficient in it.  We need to learn multiple ways of forcing!

STEVE IRWIN performed a very neat “Any Card at Any Number” trick, in which the chosen card was returned to the deck, and then the spectator picked a number – the chosen card was found at that number in the deck.

GRAHAM HOLSTEIN, our club’s patron, recalled with obvious fondness the first card trick he had ever learned, and he demonstrated it.  He took a deck of cards, held it in dealing position inside a towel, and offered the towel to a spectator for him to cut the deck.  Graham retained the bottom half, and the spectator rolled up the top half inside the towel.  Graham was able to predict what the face up card of the spectator’s half deck would be when the spectator unrolled the towel. This had a big impact on the club members – even more so, when Graham kindly showed us how to do this item.

Members commented afterwards that this evening was one of the best club evenings they remembered!